Who am I?

I am a professional Swiss-Peruvian artist born in Peru in 1981. From my life experiences, I created the artistic concepts Spectre, Beauty in chaos and Musik (a cross between graphic design and painting). Since 2015, I have been participating in art exhibitions in Switzerland. In 2018, I was able to deepen my gaze on life and I started to use more colors in my paintings. This year, I was able to make my art known outside of Switzerland, especially by doing exhibitions in Tokyo, Japan.

Why Spectrum?

For a long time I felt overwhelmed, in the dark, in an emptiness, without knowing exactly what I had to do with my life, it was at this point in my life that I created the concept Spectre.

Why Beauty within chaos?

The straight and curved black lines represent the chaos and the many difficulties of my life. The colors draw hope, a path to the exit that we continually seek.

Why Musik?

"Musik " is filled with movement, the black wavy lines on a white background represent the search for inner freedom to infinity and beyond. It is energy, talent and creativity that come out of us to change things when we feel that life has no meaning.

Why After the Storm?

I think that every artist has a different look on the world around him, mine is watching this life that moves frantically through the colors.

What techniques?

As a graphic designer, for the series "Spectre", "Beauty in chaos", "Musik" and "Gravity", I chose to use acrylic paints for the intensity of their colours and their practicality.

What is the purpose of my art?

Through my works, I strive to know myself, to flourish and to present to the public, a different look on life.